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Freud / Velvet Dance

by Freud

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1. Cuban Episode

2. Faux Pas

3. Crisp

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Velvet Dance by Freud is a 3 track EP that uses a variety of electronic and sampled sounds, textures, and eclectic production to paint certain pictures of bliss and to provide emotional backdrops for the stories this music takes our imagination through.

Cuban Episode, the first track of three on this EP. It feels like a proper intro, with the way it calmly builds up, and uses old vocal samples to portray the story of a past time. The use of piano combined with punchy kicks, elegant horns and chimes will push you through a pleasant wave of emotion. By the time this track is going full groove, a full assortment of musical components can be heard all over, giving the song that essence of replay value.

Faux Pas is a much more ‘trancey’ song, but holds some of the same characteristics in texture and samples that we heard on the previous track. The build at the end of this track only delves deeper into the world of textures that Freud presents, including jungle-like birds and whistles, knocks, fuzzy undertones, and bouncing synths. With Faux Pas, Freud takes a variety of scattered musical components and fuses them together for a really excellent and well paced ending.

Crisp, the final track on Velvet Dance, certainly is crisp right from the start. With zooming and wind-up synths over some of the most blissful textures on the whole EP, Freud takes us on yet another journey through his wondrous and dreamy soundscape. There isn’t a dull moment on this entire EP, and Freud progresses each song’s moment to moment excellently.