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Harry Griffiths / Vol. 1

by Harry Griffiths

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Harry Griffiths’ Vol. 1 is a pleasant and groovy collection of songs that serves excellently as a showcase EP. This is for fans of chill electronic music, but will suffice to nearly anyone, and will fit into your routine at nearly any time of day. This project truly is dynamic.

The opening track, Distilled, is a snappy, light, smooth, yet bold beginning to the EP, and easily puts the listener into a groove that is sure to make them excited for the rest of the project. The thick undertones on this track mix so beautifully with the ever so gentle and floating chords Harry is laying down.

Sea Foam Green is much bouncier of a track, feels even more unpredictabile than the last track, and features some excellent progression that takes listeners down a wonderful journey. By the end of this track you will have danced, and you will have tranced.

Closing the EP with Otis, Griffiths collaborates with Bill Virtual for production that has constant activity going on, and is a great track to put an exclamation point on the EP. Harry tends to give his tracks a spicy and entertaining ending, and all of the songs on this EP certainly live up to that standard.

Harry Griffiths already has a nice collection of Soundcloud songs under his belt, and we know he’s perfectly capable of producing more great records. Whether it’s the next volume in this series or just another loop, we’re looking forward to what Harry Griffiths has in store for us next.